By Regan Thomas
March 18, 2016. 9:00P.M.
BNN has exclusive new details regarding the alleged corruption scandal currently unfolding in Midlands. Recall that BNN was first to bring you the report that both Chase Covington and Avery Bancroft were facing bribery charges. Bancroft allegedly bribed Covington in order to obtain a casino license.

BNN has exclusively learned the identity of the mysterious undercover officer who led to Bancroft and Covington's downfall. JAMIE ROBINSON, an officer with the Midlands State Police Department worked undercover at the Midlands Gambling Commission for over a year, posing as an auditor named "Mickey Keenan." "Keenan" organized meetings between Bancroft and Covington, was in the room when Covington agreed to take the bribe, and testified today in trial against Avery Bancroft.

We know that perhaps we shouldn't release Officer "Keenan's" true identity, but a scoop of this magnitude is too good to resist. I'll continue my up-to-the-minute accounting of this scandal as it unfolds. Stay tuned!